1. Pro-Life Conservative. Northern Kentucky Right to life has endorsed me in the Commissioner race (See Letter of endorsement below). I support the life of the innocent human being, who God knits together in the womb.
  2. The second amendment of the US Constitution is very clear on the individual American having the right to own and bear firearms. Our Fiscal Court has re-affirmed this right and shown loyalty to the constitution by our own resolution.
  3. I buy locally here in Campbell County whenever possible. Next, I support my region with my business and purchases. Then I support America First with my substance.
  4. Who I support: The chart below shows my contributions to federal candidates as recorded in the federal election commission records. There are many words spoken about who supports who, but elections are run with money. Note that winred was Trumps fund for re-election in 2020. Not shown are my state and local candidate contributions, these are also all to conservative candidates as well.