• Age - Fifty eight
  • Currently Commissioner - District 1
  • Owner Vineyard Hardwoods - Alexandria 2003-2017
  • Professional Hydrogelogist 25 years (Florida, Ohio, Idaho)
  • Bachelor of Science - Northern Kentucky University, Master of Science - Ohio University
  • Married - Sulinda (Lampe) Painter thirty six years, Son Matthew - Seventeen

  • Alexandria Fair Board Associate Member
  • Main Street Baptist Church Deacon Chair 2017, Vice Chair 2018
  • Christian Education Center School Board Member 2008 to 2010
  • Church of Christ of Alexandria, Deacon 2004-2007
  • Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana Regional Council of Governments Executive Committee 2016-2018
  • Municipal Government League of NKY 2017-2018
  • Northern Kentucky Right to Life - Received 2018 Endorsement

  • Telephone - 859 635-5516
  • email -
  • Address - Painter for Commissioner, 1892 Grandview Rd. Alexandria, KY   41001
County Financial Information - Lowest Cost full service Gvmt
We spend less per person than either
Boone or Kenton County.  We spend
way less than any other full service
government in the region.  The
simple math is this, we spend less,
so we take less in taxes from our
people.  We have a culture of being
pretty thrifty with our money here
in Campbell County, both our people
and our government.

The Chart below shows a typical tax
bill for Campbell County.  From our
slice we fund transportation, fund the
jail, senior services, County police, park
animal shelter and other services. Your
dollars are working for you.
Please Send check to:

Painter for Commissioner
1892 Grandview Rd
Alexandria, KY   41001

Please include employer, spouses
name, and phone with donation.  
We comply with all Kentucky
Registry of Election finance rules.
Limit is $2,000 per elections cycle
in Kentucky.
Median Household Income
  2011 - 2015